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First Nigeria National Conference on Adolescent Health

Plenary Session

2019 Presidential Lecture
The INSPIRE dissemination project

Youth Preconference

Advocacy and collaboration among youth-led organization
Leveraging on sports and play to reach adolescents and young people

Panel Discussion

AYRH policy and program interactions
Engendering accountability for adolescent health: principles, practices and lessons
Minimum package of services and standards: Potential for improving adolescent health choices
Strengthening research and M&E systems for improved health systems performance and adolescent health response

Parallel Session

Abortion and young people in Nigeria: Realities and research needs
Adolescent and young people challenge
Nomophobia (Internet Addiction): A rising challenge
Oral health implication for adolescents health and well being
Promoting the participation of adolescents & young people in the HIV response in Nigeria
Strengthening adolescent - responsive health and social systems
Young people participating in the HIV response
Youth related sexual and gender based violence in Nigeria

Oral Poster Presentation

A comparative study of needs and utilisation of sexual and reproductive health services among out-of-school adolescents
Action research to reduce the vulnerability to HIV infection among adolescent girls and young women
Adolescents 360 Projects, Nigeria
Adolescents beliefs on gender norms and ideology about sexuality and use of contraception in Ebonyi, Nigeria
Adolescents expected characteristics of health services in Ibadan, Nigeria
Adolescents Living with HIV are Not Receiving Friendly Services at Health
Clients and Service Providers’ Assessment of Public and Non-governmental Youth Friendly Health Services
Comprehensive HIV/AIDS knowledge and risky sexual behaviour among female adolescents in Nigeria
Contextual influences on adolscent health policy making in Nigeria
Depression and suicide ideation among adolescents in co-ed and non co-ed schools in Ibadan
Disclosure of child sexual abuse among male in-school adolescents in Ibadan, Nigeria
Effect of parent-child communication on the adoption of psychoactive substance use among in school
Enhancing knowledge of HIV management and health outcomes among adolescents living with HIV in Nigeria
Exploring contextual factors influencing access to and utilization of contraceptive
Fatalism as a determinant of family size among married adolescents Expanding the understanding of the phenomenon
FTP Intervention: s strategic approach to addressing unmet needs for FP among adolescents and young mothers in Cross River, Nigeria
Gaming, Internet and Telephone Addiction among adolescents in Zambia
Geo-spatial analysis of adolescents contraceptive use and its proxies in 8 Nigerian state
HIV prevention and treatment needs of adolescent and young msm in Lagos, Nigeria
HIV/AIDS programming for adolescent msm ensuring they are not left behind in the HIV treatment and prevention
Integrating HIV prevention into reproductive health Expanding access to HCT and sexual reproductive health service
Meaningful Youth Engagement in Life Planning for Adolescents and Youth Strategy in Nigeria
Patterns of Social Capital development among in-school adolescents in urban Nigeria Gender difference
Perceived health consequences, prevalence and factors associated with vaginal
Pregnancy does not just happen like that describing condom use among adolescent boys in Nigeria
Prevalence of domestic violence, depressive symptoms and psychoactive substance use among in-school adolescents
Prevalence of school absenteeism due to menstrual patterns and associated disorders
Prevalence of vulnerabilities and support for orphans and vulnerable children in Nigeria
Prioritizing interventions to address the reproductive health needs of adolescents in humanitarian settings
Reducing unmet needs among adolescents A peer led intervention on biomedical HIV revention education
Respect me when you talk about sexuality education what male adolescents desire from adults
Sexual and reproductive health and rights of Adolscents and yong people
Sexual harassment and mental health status of Adolescents in secondary schools in SouthWest Nigeria
Survey of drug use, abuse and prevention amoscents of the nightlife settings
Technology advancement a panacea to sexual violence
The Effect of Adolescent and Youth Friendly Services (AYFHS) on Linkage
The Effect of Adolescent and Youth Friendly Services (AYFHS) on Linkage of newly diagnosed Adolescents
The more you look, the less you see: rethinking the FLHE programme in Nigeria
The prevalence and patterns of substance use among street children in Akure south LGA, Nigeria
Use of social media, sexting and adolescents sexual behaviour among secondary school students in Ibadan
Young Mum Clinic Expanding Access of Maternal Health Services to Pregnant Adolescent Girls in Lagos State
Youth Friendly Health Services in Nigeria Ogun State as a case study
Youth-related Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SGBV) in Nigeria